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A bit of an update

For the time being MCTopList will be focusing more on Minecraft servers. We thank everyone who added a YouTube channel, but due to our time constraints in life development is slow. We still hope to be the best Minecraft server list we can be!

Tips For Growing Your Server

Growing A Minecraft Server

Here are a few things to note when starting off with a new server

1.) Stay Online

  • I don't know about you, but I don't stick around on a server with nobody else on. I clicked "Multiplayer" for a reason. You can't expect others to be on to greet the new players when you start out.

2.) Post to server lists with detail

  • You're already here, so I'm assuming you know to post to server lists, but do you have enough information?
    • - Make sure your description shows off who your are, and what your server represents.
    • - Use tags, they're used to aid in search results on pretty much any server list
    • - Use a good MOTD - Mostly MCTopList specific but it's one of the first things players see!
    • - Don't use the default favicon, players are drawn in by good visuals, make sure yours stand out!

3.) Be Polite

  • One of the biggest downfalls of some servers is how they treat their players
    • You're bound to come across new and inexperienced players, or even just people trying to rile you up. Be patient and polite at all times. Banning the trolls without starting a flame war in chat is clean and keeps your other players happy!

4.) Balanced Voting Incentives

  • Make sure your players have a reason to vote - in game rewards/currency
    • Votes are are cheap and easy way to keep your server high in the ranks of server listing sites, and it's important to have your players, and yourself vote as often as allowed
      • - Make sure you don't over pay for votes, this will imbalance your server and make the experience for new players less than satisfactory, through frequent ads or OP players

5.) Be Unique

  • Though it's not easy, being unique in design, style, or gamemodes is one of the most important things you can do.
    • - Buying server setups pre-built is risky - players have seen everything and if it comes pre-packaged chances are you aren't the first to buy it - regardless of what the seller may say
    • - Make sure you include a touch of yourself, it's the most unique thing about you. Give your players some insight into you through your spawn design and choice of setup
    • - Simplicity is often very very good. Make sure your users can learn your rules in a straightforward way, as well as make it out of spawn in the least confused manner possible. The downfall of many servers is scaring users away with an overly complex spawn area. Too much text, redirects, too many commands etc.
We made the donation!

We've finally been able to do it!

It isn't much but we're glad to do it! Thank you everyone!
Help Those In Need
For the rest of September we will be donating all money earned to a charity called Direct Relief.

We've scouted them out and believe they're a good choice, and will really help those in need!
If you planned on donating anyway, why not advertise your server at the same time?

Thank you to the donators, and my best wishes to those affected by the hurricanes and earthquake.
Website changes
As you may know, (unless you are actually new and didn't know) The website has undergone quite alot of changes. Yes, and even still more changes are yet to come. Most of these changes are to better acclimate to future possibilities we may implement, in due time. There has not been a new blog post in quite a while mostly because of life getting in the mix - can't always come up with the right opportunities for everything now can we!

Have a safe summer, and beware eating food that you have never tried before! it's sort of a red light unless your adventurous.
9 Video Game Trends

9 Video Game Trends That Will Shape the Future

In a world full of technology, it's no surprise that new video game innovations will continue to shape our future. Check out these 9 neat video game trends.

Who doesn’t love a good game session where you can get lost in an entirely different world?

In fact, as of 2016, 115 million Americans spend 3 or more hours per week on playing games. Typical gamers have been playing games for 13 years of their lives. That’s close to the duration of one’s education!

Thanks to technologies, the video game has reached new milestones. With the video game industry constantly shifting, it’s important for game lovers to stay on top of the latest trends.

Things are moving incredibly fast in the age of innovation. With no further due, here are some neat video game trends that could change the future of the gaming industry.

9 Video Game Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

1. Virtual Reality with Friends

We cannot talk about video game trends without mentioning virtual reality experiences. Though virtual reality has been in the development in the gaming industry for a while, it was not until recently that this trend has really taken its place.

Main criticisms have been around the isolation of the VR experience. However, industry experts are predicting a more social virtual space. This allows you to connect and interact with your friends as if you were in the same room with them.

2. Augmented Reality

Another hot topic within the video game industry is augmented reality. The most sensational game of last year is Pokemon Go. Remember how people literally went nuts for it?

Augmented reality incorporates the real world into the game’s virtual world during gameplay. There are plenty of rooms to explore in this area. Pokemon Go only marked the first of many to come.

Moreover, since there’s no need to produce high-quality 3D art, augmented reality has lower development costs compared to virtual reality. It’s also more accessible for gaming studios.

The challenge with augmented reality games is their tendency to ask players to complete certain location-based tasks. This can be lifestyle-sensitive for many users. Therefore, it would be interesting to see how industry players tackle such challenge. 

3. The Next Stop for Mobile

In the future, smartphone and tablet app development will have quicker timelines. This is essential to meet the growing demand for new, better, and more revolutionary video games.

But this alone is not enough. Industry experts believe that to dominate the mobile market, businesses need to think about how to connect mobile experiences to TVs. The more accessibility, the better.

4. Evolution of Business Models

For developers whose business model is free-to-play, it’s time to look more carefully into your approach. Understand the model and how it will evolve. This is critical to help you execute an approach that allows sustainable, long-term results.

In addition, if you’re a part of an indie team, when looking for the next member, think for the future. Hire someone with experiences in communications to help grow your audience.

With the fierce competition, there's no way for gaming studios to compete by simply releasing a new video game and praying for the best.

We also expect to see social media channels as potential outlets to engage with players and potential audience. Influencer marketing has been practiced across the many industries to drive awareness and traction to businesses. 

5. More Feelings

Have you heard of the design practice called “feel engineering”? It’s a backward approach to creating a video game. You start with the aimed feeling, then move on to the mechanics and dynamics of the game.

While this is not an easy process and involves additional time, cost and emotional commitment, it’s definitely worth your sweat and tears.

6. Personalized Video Game Content

Almost every experience in the future will aim towards becoming more personal. Customized content is the key to success in the gaming industry.

A good volume of information about you will be gathered and used to personalize your content. Based on your past demographic details, likes and dislikes, you can get a unique experience with each new game session.

7. Streaming

The rise of streaming services has enabled users can rent titles on-demand. This not only changes how games are distributed (no more physical shipments and stores) but also affects how players broadcast their gaming secessions.

With streaming, gamers now can connect with each other in a different way. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are ideal playgrounds to start building your own gaming community that caters to the aspiring audience.

8. Powerful Game Design Process

There’s no doubt that video game graphics have come a long way ever since their inception. More money has been invested in the creative and development processes. Various approaches are applied to bring the virtual world to life.

More gaming studios also try to make their development process more transparent. Simply live streaming from the office is a powerful and effective way to establish the fan base even before a game is released.

9. The Rise of Indie Players

Again, technologies have definitely brought more advantages to the once considered minor players. The development process has become more democratic.

Today, indie studios are no long outliers. They can build their Steam communities and work with console platform holders to create evolutionary and successful collaborations. At the same time, they can reach a much wider audience than before.

If you’re operating in the indie segment, clearly define your target market. Find out where your audience likes to spend their time. Use data and metrics to measure your process. 

The Final Look

There are a lot to look forward to in the video game space this year. Innovative techniques and practices will enable us to experience games in a whole new level. They also have changed the way the gaming market operates and competes.

Hence, it’s important for video game companies to seize these opportunities and turn them into actions. Let’s hope to see more eye-opening experience as 2017 progresses.

What are your thought on these video game trends? Share with us on our forums.

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The site's well under way at this point, development continues and views are increasing!

We've been launching many ad and social network campaigns and the results will be flowing in soon. Also, project wonderful ads are out, so load times have increased! We'll be switching to Google ads, and premium server owners have no fear, you'll still be at the top!

Thank you, Richard
Some Updates
Lots of things have been changing in the background!

We're mostly focusing on SEO and getting our name out there through advertising etc.

But, I've also been working on the layout, small tweaks here and there. Added an orange accent color, interested in feedback on that!

The project is going well, and I've enjoyed working on it. A server list is a hard nut to crack, but I believe we can do it better! Minecraft forever!
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Hey, Richard here with an update!

I'm currently working on our badge* system!

*Name subject to change
Blogging On a List
I know that most of you guys think that blogging on a minecraft server list is sort of pointless. What makes you think that? Since most people are here just for the minecraft server list part! But We didnt have great lists without having lots of text somewhere. Why, last time i checked a few years ago most listings were mostly text. And i mean only text. Look in a newspaper! What do you see? Mostly text. Text pertaining to ads or comics. But nowadays on the internet, you see text with images. I think that's sort of natural because the images engage people in a way. I guess i'll go and add a image too. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. This is me reminding everyone that they should smile. Because smiling is important. Keep those teeth bright! And uh. Enjoy the listing.

Maybe the minecraft server list we have here could do better with more.. ssssmiles. but not from creepers!

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