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14274213m 45s13m 46s13m 25s13m 2sFree
14305210m 40s10m 41s10m 10s11m 32sFree
14302112m 55s13m 0s13m 0s13m 4sFree
14239513m 25s13m 28s12m 25s13m 1sFree
14249412m 55s13m 2s10m 45s12m 31sFree
14292613m 10s13m 17s10m 40s13m 34sFree
14269012m 45s12m 58s12m 35s13m 10sFree
14253614m 25s14m 32s14m 55s13m 18sFree
14239714m 30s14m 44s10m 45s13m 48sFree
136512m 10s12m 11s13m 5s11m 38sFree
14251311m 40s11m 42s13m 45s12m 17sFree
14291111m 25s11m 27s12m 5s11m 31sFree
14283310m 30s10m 31s12m 50s10m 44sFree
14295610m 30s10m 31s10m 55s11m 11sFree
14307413m 20s13m 21s14m 35s13m 4sFree
14243713m 5s13m 7s10m 10s12m 51sFree
14245110m 20s10m 21s15m 0s11m 12sFree
14307712m 25s12m 27s13m 30s12m 51sFree
14252511m 40s11m 41s12m 35s12m 19sFree
137812m 45s12m 46s14m 40s13m 7sFree

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