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14264911m 50s11m 52s14m 30s12m 39sFree
14288224m 25s24m 26s12m 30s23m 27sFree
14305114m 25s14m 26s12m 35s14m 17sFree
14314410m 5s10m 6s12m 25s11m 5sFree
14261915m 0s15m 5s10m 45s13m 55sFree
14310513m 40s13m 41s13m 55s13m 33sFree
14288812m 30s12m 34s11m 45s12m 37sFree
14245312m 15s12m 24s13m 10s12m 15sFree
14245410m 55s10m 57s11m 55s12m 18sFree
14263711m 50s11m 57s12m 55s12m 26sFree
14305023m 5s23m 15s24m 40s23m 30sFree
14301621m 10s21m 20s20m 30s21m 35sFree
139113m 20s13m 21s14m 30s12m 42sFree
14314110m 40s10m 41s15m 5s11m 6sFree
14237410m 10s10m 11s11m 15s10m 37sFree
14275610m 45s10m 46s14m 45s11m 24sFree
14255812m 20s12m 22s12m 10s12m 13sFree
14245013m 15s13m 16s12m 55s12m 57sFree
14240613m 40s13m 41s14m 5s13m 26sFree
14293814m 55s14m 56s10m 45s13m 47sFree

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