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Server ID Desired Time Real Time New Time Average Time Type
14316613m 0s13m 1s12m 5s12m 37sFree
14314211m 55s11m 56s11m 35s12m 12sFree
14301011m 10s11m 11s11m 40s11m 54sFree
14319610m 30s11m 0s12m 25s12m 1sFree
14322114m 45s14m 57s13m 40s13m 16sFree
14263011m 55s12m 0s12m 50s12m 31sFree
14277211m 10s11m 11s13m 45s11m 49sFree
14241914m 5s14m 6s14m 50s13m 38sFree
14318511m 0s11m 1s12m 50s12m 24sFree
14267211m 5s11m 6s10m 35s12m 10sFree
14259614m 10s14m 11s11m 35s13m 55sFree
14275011m 5s11m 6s14m 15s12m 59sFree
14248712m 45s12m 47s14m 15s12m 44sFree
14287312m 50s12m 52s10m 5s11m 53sFree
14263710m 35s11m 0s14m 25s12m 9sFree
14323510m 15s10m 42s14m 35s11m 16sFree
14247410m 25s10m 38s12m 35s11m 30sFree
14245310m 10s10m 11s14m 15s11m 14sFree
14238211m 20s11m 21s14m 35s11m 57sFree
14236111m 55s11m 56s14m 30s12m 13sFree

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