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Better than Mineplex (BtM)

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Online Players 11 / 200
Server Name: Better than Mineplex (BtM)
Players: 200

Starter kit: /kit
Bed: /bed
Wilderness: /random
Locations: /mc
Market: /shop

Your first job is to find and punch down a tree to collect wood, which you can turn into planks to make a crafting table. This allows you to convert your leftover wood into a pickaxe, so you can start digging down into the ground to collect coal and cobblestone. Once you have those you can make some torches and better tools and weapons, which will be very important in protecting you from the creatures that come out in the night... speaking of which, you need to hurry and make some kind of shelter before that sun starts to set. That's day one in your Minecraft world, which is about 10-20 minutes in real time.
Survival, Factions, War Mode, Economy
MOTD If you want to get out alive, you must become a monster too.
Server Version Paper 1.13.1
Votes 3
Status Online
Last Check 2018-09-20T23:36:06-04:00
Date Added 2017-02-26 11:36:29
Category Survival
Server Owner Resoluciones
Favorites 1
Hits this month 17
Country Philippines PH
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