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Uncensored Lounge

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■ Website:
■ Discord:
■ Location: United Kingdom
■ Servers: Infinity Evolved (Normal), SevTech, Direwolf20 and Foolcraft3

Uncensored Lounge is a community of gamers from all around the world. We have a powerful collection of Minecraft servers which we invite you all to join us on! We are always open and welcoming to new members in the effort of maintaining a strong community. We have put a lot of dedication into our servers to guarantee an enjoyable experience for all players. The IPs can be found through our discord or website!

Our Rules
■ Cheating is not tolerated.
■ Griefing/stealing is not allowed.
■ You must get consent to kill.
■ Scamming is not allowed.
■ Purposely ruining spawn is not allowed.

Player Reviews

■ Sevicion
■ JPotatoChild
■ Oxy25

If you need any help or have any enquires, please feel free to ask any staff member via our website or discord!
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Last Check 2018-10-15T07:23:23-04:00
Date Added 2018-06-11 11:14:57
Category Modded
Server Owner Arran Shorter
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Country United Kingdom GB
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