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Brave New World... a semi vanilla minecraft server. We have included many added options to help out ALL players likes. From precious stones to ensure areas can be safe from grief.  players can /sethomes and /tpa or /tpahere to explore and tighten relations with other players. Player based economy from buying to selling. PVP is allowed in all areas unless a peace block is placed, Stealing and griefing can make or break your survival needs. Mobs are on hard to make survival that much challenging. Wanna build a can here or join one. The server is an excellent community of all ages. Many friendships can be created.
MOTD iiiBrave New Worldiii Survival / PVP / Clans / TPA / Precious Stones / 1.12
Server Version Spigot 1.12.1
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Category Survival
Server Owner redneckgirl78
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