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Forged in Fire

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Forged in Fire is a new state of the art custom prison server with a play to win mechanic system. But wait theres more, we include the best of the best crate system that no one else has, with the best rewards possible so you get bang for your buck. Oh… you thought thats it? NOPE. We push the boundaries on fun,  in fact some people may call us CRAZY for the lengths we go in to ensure all players have an amazing time! We are 100% EULA Friendly which means that one kid, you know who, who always spends $500+ on a game to skip his way to the top has to go play somewhere else! (Or you can play here and have fun too!) Almost everything is custom which means we can do pretty much anything to make the server more enjoyable. We have a custom raid system in which you can kill mobs to drop OP rewards, and instead of plots (eww standards) we give each player a miniverse in which they can build. This starts off as a 50x50 world, but as you advance in prestige's the world expands! This gives you a legit reason to want t
Prison, OP, Fun, Awesome, Best
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Date Added 2018-07-18 14:02:32
Category Prison
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Country United States US
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