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★ Blockode Network ★ Minecraft Like Nether Before ★

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Hey Guys, Girls & Mobs!

Blockode is a new and upcoming network aimed at moving away from "gamemode" and "minigame" servers and actually creating entirely new modded like games within the vanilla Minecraft engine meaning anyone can play, we also are current discussing the possibility of joining the Microsoft Developer Program to become apart of the servers within the Better Together Update adding in much more content and functionality through the addition of addons.

One of our first games, Palegio: A Realm Untold, is the most fully immersive MMORPG adding in all new content, mobs, more biomes and places to explore, furniture, siege weaponry(for PvE wars & battles), foods, ores, blocks, items, foods, weapons and tools as well as an ever changing game based on what the players do so each player over time will have their own variation of the game based on their actions throughout their play through on top of dynamically changing dialogue both towards the players and between the NPCs based on the players pro
mmorpg, roleplay, npcs, dialogue, community
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