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This does NOT include your port

The port you use when you connect to the server (0 is not a real port, set it to 25565 if you are on the default port)

Default Query Port is equal to the Connection Port, change if necessary

You can use BBCodes such as: [b]text[/b] -> Bold, [u]text[/u] -> Underline, [i]Text[/i] -> Italic, [li]Item[/li] -> List Item, [br] -> Line Break

Enter tags you wish to add, seperated by commas

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Extra Stuff:

Leave empty if you dont have Votifier on your server!

Leave empty if the IP is the same as the server's IP!

Link to a youtube video

If you post your server without being logged in, you will have to create an account and claim it to edit it later.

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