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    I am Arizrain on Minecraft! I am Arizrain1 on Twitch! I am Arizrain on Twitter! Owner of Minecraft Server!
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    Hello! I am Daf4Life who loves programming, recording and editing! Hope you will like to stay here!
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    Hello! I am CoolLord22 in Minecraft and obviously also on YouTube. Please do consider subscribing as it really does mean a lot to me. I love all y'all peeps! Also, comment in Discussions area what YOU people wanna be called. My Peeps? Rainbow Slime Army? IDEK! (also, (if you want to) please join my server! We started a while ago but are still working on a lot of stuff. The IP is and it is 1.9-1.11)
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    Hello! I am Alontrle, mainly my channel consists of speed builds as of two reasons! I love building, and it's really the only way for me to make good content with my low end PC. My Server:
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    ████ - 300 Subs [15/01/16 ✔] █████ - 500 Subs [ 23/10/16 ✔] ██████ - 1000 Subs [Sometime in 2017 :P ✔] ███████ - 2000 Subs [Hopefully by Christmas] P.S Want to collab? Twitter @Mwadx Faze recruit me =D
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    Hey! We're The Otaku Geeks, a gaming group! We do videos on many video games, along with the occasional skit or challenge/vlog video! We're always happy to find new games to record on, so feel free to suggest some to us! We also have a second channel for Podcasts, which can be found here MASSIVE thanks to KevinMode for the banner and Profile Picture too! The Otaku Geeks are kindly sponsored by XenNetworks! They have amazing deals on all types of hosting, including Minecraft servers! Check them out! Most of the music we use is from, as they have Royalty Free music that anyone can use! Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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    im good at video games What is your minecraft name? My minecraft names are S0RRY and Sorwe most likely if you see anyone else don't always think its me
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    Hey Everyone, I am Music Nation! My channel is based on audio spectrums, and music. I try to bring up the most underrated songs to the top! If you like these things this is the channel for you! I hope that you can enjoy this channel as much as others can because being apart of this community is good in the long run! If you would like to think about donating real money message me on Skype or Discord. My Skype is Music Nation and my discord is MusicNation#7025. If you would like to think about purchasing an audio spectrum or just have a friendly chat with me I am up to do it any time! Enjoy my channel and make it last!
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    LloydPlayzHD Official YouTube Channel. Upload Schedule Not Sure Yet Language: English.. I am British and I am from Wales

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